About Encore Steel

Encore Steel is a full service structural steel, stairs and railings, architectural and miscellaneous metal fabricator.

Facility details

Our shop located at 2715 Sheffield Road, Ottawa, Canada, our 12,000 sq/ft shop has all the rights tools and machinery to facilitate our business needs to the highest standard.
Encore Steel takes pride in the ability to persistently complete intricate and challenging structural steel fabrication projects; retro fit and modifications of existing structures.
Encore steel also offers miscellaneous metal services such as; stairs, railings, architectural designs and detailing.

Established in 2002, Encore Steel has become a leader in the business. Our expertise, experience and versatility, position us as a valuable service provider. Our remarkable portfolio shows Encore Steels dedication to delivering results in a timely and cost-effective manner.

We offer full commitment to every project, and our customers can be assured that the structure fabricated by Encore Steel will be completed in accordance with the highest engineering and architectural standards.

John Degrasse

John graduated from Algonquin College with a three-year Architectural technologist Diploma which gave him the credentials, the knowledge, and skills necessary to further his career in the construction industry. In 1987 John joined a local construction company as a draftsman, and from then to now John’s experience grew working as, design detailer, estimator, procurement officer, project manager, shop supervisor, installation supervisor to eventually President of Encore Steel.

John operates a diverse and complex process in a dynamic and competitive business environment, and together with his highly dedicated team, blends modern technology with old school know-how. John strongly believes that familiarity breeds efficiency.

In today’s business environment, John and the Encore Team of estimators, project managers, engineers, steel fabricators and steel installers have the broad experience, skills and know-how to handle complex commercial and industrial projects efficiently. John prides himself on quality, workmanship, competitive pricing and personalized service.

Mike Glaser

Michael is a highly accomplished Executive and Entrepreneur with more than 35 years of success in the construction and restaurant industries. Michael brings a diverse background of construction field experience and has acquired exceptional experience in structural steel estimating and project management.

While in construction management, he acquired skills in; design, estimating, and budgeting jobs, subcontracting negotiations, scheduling, project management, site supervision, co-ordination between parties (owners, architects, engineers, and trades), acquisition of permits, compliance with safety and other regulations, site reports, government forms and contracts, and invoicing.

Currently, Michael is a Partner, Vice-President, Estimator, Project Manager for Encore Steel, Michael’s capabilities and versatility make him a powerful addition to Encore Steel. As Michael has the unique ability to understand the entire process from quality assurance shop drawings, fabrication to field installation. Working side by side with the leadership team Michael develops and sets goals for the company to ensure the continued success of Encore Steel.